If you have just welcomed a new puppy, getting them trained is probably high on your list of priorities. It is important to have a well-mannered pup who respects and listens to you. 

Dog training can be complicated, but you do not have to go into it blindly or do it alone! If this is your first puppy, keep reading to get some tips on how to make puppy training successful for your Davis pup! 

Hire A Professional Davis Dog Trainer

You can certainly try to train your puppy with online resources or tips from friends and family. However, there are many benefits to hiring a professional Davis dog trainer to help you and your puppy get started on the right paw! 

A professional dog trainer knows and understands puppy behavior down to a biological and cognitive level. A professional dog trainer will also create a training program that is specific to your dog’s breed if that is necessary.

Every dog is different and will learn and be motivated by different things. A professional dog trainer will be able to iron out all of that for you. 

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Make Dog Training Successful By Being Consistent

Whether you choose to train your dog on your own or enlist the help of a professional dog trainer, you will need to be consistent with your dog’s training.

If it helps, create a schedule that you know you can commit to. You won’t be training your dog forever, so know that this will only be for a short amount of time until your dog has learned the essential skills you need them to. 

Being consistent with your training will help keep your dog’s world predictable. Your consistency may also help shorten training time since you will be working on skills often during the day and the week.

Don’t forget to make time for play and fun activities in between training times. Your puppy will probably have a short attention span, so it’s best not to overwhelm them.

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Learn and Understand Dog Body Language

Since dogs do not have the luxury of communicating with us verbally, we have to learn to read the most powerful language: body language. Most of us are aware of dogs’ common signs when they are happy, angry or tired.

It is important not to misinterpret the signs your dog is showing you to understand their current emotional state. 

Understanding your puppy’s body language will also help you know the best time to start working on your training skills.

If you see your dog is relaxed and lying down in their bed, it’s probably not the best time to summon them to work on their “sit” command. 

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Be Patient With Your New Pup

Please be aware that your dog may not nail every trick or skill you want them to learn the first time they attempt it.

Learning a new skill takes time and lots of patience. There will be hiccups and minor setbacks, but keep moving forward with your dog. 

Your dog will probably not want to train and pick up a new skill for hours on end, so know when to stop your training sessions with them. They will require breaks to recharge and take in other things around them. They are new to the world and learning a lot about their environment!

If you push your dog too far, you might end up setting back your training. Every dog has a threshold level for tolerating certain situations, and they should not be pushed over that.

Forcing your dog over the threshold can cause them to create negative associations with the experience that made them uncomfortable, even if it was something that we might feel is harmless.

The critical thing to remember with dog training is always to use positive reinforcement. Never punish your dog for something negative. You will create fear and anxiety in them, and this is not conducive to successful puppy training.

You can start by obtaining your dogs’ favorite treats to feed them as soon as they show desirable behavior. The quicker you reward them, the more they will want to show you good behaviors!

Puppy training should be enjoyable for you and your new furry family member. Here at The Pet Care Pros, we want to make sure that you spend more time enjoying your new puppy and less time experiencing any frustrations that may come with dog training.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!