October is Adopt a Dog Month, and what better way to celebrate than to adopt a new family member! Adopting a dog is a huge decision. There are many things to consider and research before adopting a dog.

This blog will mention some things we think you should think about before adopting a dog. Remember, this is a long-term commitment, so make your decision carefully and confidently. 

Take your Lifestyle and Activity into Consideration

When deciding on the right dog, be sure to consider your lifestyle. If you are an active individual, be sure to look for younger and more active dogs.

If you aren’t as busy and instead have hobbies around the home, a more relaxed and cuddly dog will be more suitable.

Don’t also forget to consider your work schedule when choosing a dog. If you work from home, you can adopt a more needy dog that may need more attention and affection.

If you work away from home, make sure you consider dogs that value their alone time and won’t get anxious when you’re gone.

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Think About your Living space

Your living space should be taken into consideration when deciding on what kind of dog to get. If you live in a smaller living space like an apartment, perhaps a smaller dog may be more suitable.

A smaller dog will also be easier to handle on elevators, and more frequent bathroom breaks in and out of the building won’t be a hassle.

A bigger dog will be more suitable for a house with a fenced yard since they will have more space to move around and a yard to play in. A small room with an energetic dog will also not be fair to the dog.

Keep in mind that your home will be your dog’s new forever home, and it should be suitable and appropriate to their lifestyle.

Visit A Couple of Shelters

Even though you may want to adopt all the dogs in the shelter, it sometimes may be best to visit a couple of them before deciding. Sometimes the right dog may take a bit longer to find. It’s essential not to rush the adoption process so both you and the dog can be confident in their new best friend. When you meet the right dog, you will know, and so will they. 

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Read the Profiles of Dogs 

The profiles of dogs on the website are excellent indicators of what the dog is like. Shelters want to adopt all their dogs, so they give good details in the pet description.

Be sure to read these profiles, as they can give you a good indication of which dogs you may be interested in meeting.

By doing your research, you will have an effective trip to the shelter and be closer to finding your new best friend. 

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Listen to Shelter Staff

The shelter staff know their dogs the best. They’re the ones that care for and train the dogs so they can likely answer any questions you may have. They can also give you a second opinion on your dog selection.

Remember, shelter staff know their dogs so take their suggestions and information seriously. If they think that a dog may not suit your lifestyle or character, you should consider this feedback.

As much as they want all their dogs adopted from the shelter, they want them to go to the right forever home. 

There are so many dogs looking for their forever homes each day. Since October is Adopt a Dog Month, we encourage you to go out and expand your families with a new fur baby.

You can be the next person that changes a dog’s life for the best.

Once you have your new best friend, please get in touch with us for any training needs and start making memories to last a lifetime.