Leash Training Solutions

Struggling to have a peaceful walk with your dog but don’t have the time to put in the training? The Pet Care Pros offers easy, done-for-you leash training services for pup parents in Davis, Ca. We’ll do all of the training for you, so you can start enjoying walks with your dog.

How we can help:

Leash Reactivity

Finding it impossible to take your dog for a walk? We can stop all of the barking & lunging so you can enjoy your dog again.


Having a hard time determining who is walking who? We can get your dog to start walking with you, saving your shoulders & patience.

Fearful Dogs

Is your dog scared to go for walks, constantly stopping & braking? We can help raise your dog’s confidence with the outside world.

Easy Solutions for Polite Leash Manners:

Pup Walk Academy

We’ll do all of the training for you, so you can start enjoying walks with your dog again. With 8 weeks of training walks, access to our self-paced online leash training course, and phone/email support, the Pup Walk Academy is the perfect option for pup parents who need help with leash training, but don’t have the time.

What's Included:

Training Walks: 2-3 days/week our head trainer will take your dog for training walks, working on skills that will easily transfer to you so you can start enjoying your walks right away.

Access to Online Course: You’ll have access to our self-paced online course on all things leash manners. This will prepare you to easily take the reins after our training sessions together.

Open & Honest Communication: We’ll keep you up to date on how your puppy’s training is going with daily check-ins. Have a question? We’re also available for text & phone support.

Graduate to Maintenance Walks: After your dog’s 8 weeks of training walks, you’ll be able to graduate to maintenance walks where we’ll continue to reinforce your dog’s good behavior.

    How to Get Started:

    Before signing up for our Pup Walk Academy, we require an initial consultation ($135) to discuss your dog’s history & behavior so we can tailor your training plan to exactly what you & your dog needs.

      Online Leash Course

      Want to learn how to teach your dog to walk politely on leash from the comfort of your home, at your own pace?

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