Puppy Training Solutions for Puppy Parents

Have a whole lot of puppy with little time? We can help with that.

The Pet Care Pros offers easy & effective done-for-you puppy training services for new pup parents in Davis, Ca. We’ll take care of the not-so-fun stuff so you can focus on enjoying your new (furry) bundle of joy.

How we can help:


Puppyhood is the most important time for raising the perfect companion. We’ll expose your puppy to anything they might encounter when they grow up in the most effective ways for a confident, well-mannered dog.

Potty Training

Sick of all of the messes & just want to teach Fluffy to “go outside!”? We’ll give you easy to implement strategies for house training your new pup.

Basic Manners

Needing to teach your new pups the basics like sits, downs, & “don’t chew on that!!”? We’ll train your puppy & show you how to maintain our progress. Leave the hard work to us!

Easy Solutions for Raising the Perfect Puppy:

VIP Puppy Program

We’ll take all of the guesswork out of training your puppy so you can focus on bonding with your new fur-kid. With daily visits & a detailed plan, we’ll socialize & train your puppy so you can focus on the day’s tasks without worrying about what Fluffy is getting into. 

What's Included:

Personalized Care: We’ll tailor your puppy’s training to your lifestyle – we’ll expose your puppy to anything they might come across in the future & tailor training to the activities you’d like to enjoy with your dog in the future.

“Done for You” Training: Let our head trainer do all of the hard work for you. We’ll do all of the training & show you how to maintain it for the perfect well-rounded adult dog.

Unbiased Recommendations: We’ll give you the best solutions for your dog’s health & behavior. Whether it’s health related, behavioral or both, we’ll give you easy & effective solutions.

Reliable, Daily Visits: We’ll work with your puppy one-on-one 3-5 days a week. Consistency is key to a well-mannered dog & we’ll be there to help when you’re not able to.

Hygiene Care: More than regular nail trims and grooming, we’ll teach your puppy to LIKE being handled.

Open & Honest Communication: We’ll keep you up to date on how your puppy’s training is going with daily check-ins. Have a question? We’re also available for text & phone support.

Stocked Supplies: We’ll make it easy to keep up with your puppy’s well being. From over-the-counter medications to dog treats & harnesses, we’ll make sure you have what you need.

Access to Online Courses: We’ll give you instant access to our library of online courses so you can become the best dog parent on the block.

    How to Get Started:

    Before signing up for our VIP Puppy Program, we require an initial consultation ($135) to discuss your goals, lifestyle, & dog’s history & behavior so we can tailor your itinerary to exactly what you & your puppy need.

    Online Consultations

    Meeting with an experienced dog trainer via Zoom can be an easy & efficient way to get on top of your puppy’s quirks. With a thorough 90 minute meeting & detailed training plan, we’ll get you to a point where training your puppy will be straight-forward and enjoyable.

    Each Online Consult Includes:

    Live one-on-one coaching with a professional dog trainer: You’ll meet with our experienced trainer for an in-depth review of your pup’s behavior.

    Video instruction for your review in between sessions: In between each session, you’ll receive videos to keep you on track towards your goals.

    A recording of our session together to reference for your success: After our session together, you’ll receive a recording to reference back to. No need to take notes!

    A written training plan for you to execute after our session: You’ll receive an in-depth review of our session together including a written training plan to execute.

    Email & phone support: Receive email & phone support for (X) months after our session for any questions you need help with.

      How to Get Started:

      Ready to get help with your puppy’s behavior from the comfort of your home? Give us a call at (number), send us an email at (email), or fill out our contact form here. We’ll send you a few questions to get us started as well as our availability.

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