Resources for Dog & Puppy Guardians

Welcome to our resources page! Below, you’ll find helpful resources on a number of topics to make living with your 4-legged companion that much easier.


Training Treats

Treat Delivery

Treat Bag

Dog Walking Accessories

Harness & Leash

Interactive Food Toys

Dog Stuffed Toys

Dog Care

Dog Care for Ears

Dog Care for Teeth

Dog Care for Grooming

Home Management

Dog Safety

Dog Training Treats

Here are a couple of treats I like to recommend to my clients. I like treats that are easy to break up so we do not overload our puppy or dog with too many treats too fast.

Zuke’s Mini Natural Treats

Pet Botanics Training Reward

Merrick Power Bites

Redbarn Roll

Treat Bag

The great thing about a treat bag is that it can hold treats but you can keep poop bags on you or even a portable water bowl for dogs.

Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Pouch

Leash & Harness

Balanced Harness

Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

6 ft Leash 

Long Line Leash – this leash is longer and will work great for working on “come” with your puppy or dog.

Martingale Collar

Dog Care

You can use treats as a reward for your puppy or dog when doing any care with them.

I have techniques I use that help me with doing puppy or dog care for my clients. The Lick Mat Slow may help you to keep your puppy or dog distracted while you work on caring for them in your home.

KMNKSCN 2 PCS Dog Lick Mat Slow Feed Treat Mat for Dog Washing Distraction Device

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