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Dog Training

Training Programs

The experts at Pet Care Pros offer basic dog training, as we have worked with a wide variety of animals and are trained to identify whether any social issues your pet is experiencing are due to behavioral or medical problems.

Walk & Train

Let your dog get the exercise and training they need all in one! Great for dogs who have social or behavioral issues, especially when on routine walks. 


Tailored to you and your family! Specialized training programs for your dog or puppy based on your current needs.


One on one training in the comfort of your own home! We offer in-home or virtual training program for you and your pets.

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Timed Training Sessions

We will work with your dog to help master sit, stay, walk and come commands, and give eye contact and avoid pulling on the leash when out for a walk. We are also very comfortable working with fearful dogs — and we know that it takes time to gain the trust of some animals.


One on one help with simple cues like sit, stay, come, down, and loose-leash walking. It can be tailored to meet your individual dog’s needs and problem solving.


Tailored to dogs who know basic cues. Achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration, and distraction. Heel, wait, go to their bed, and more. It can be tailored to meet any specific issues or needs that you may have with your dog


Start your new puppy off on the right track with a training program that encourages and reinforces good behavior. We teach simple cues and commands like sit, stay, come, down, and loose-leash walking. We will talk about house training and socialization with people and other dogs.


If you have a puppy or dog who needs training but your time is limited, this is a great alternative!

We can come to your house and work on training while walking your dog. Sit, stay, down, and loose-leash walking are some cues we can work on. Meeting with you and your dog to get a training plan together. You will get a text after each walk to tell you how things went. Plus meeting in person to go over the training techniques that work well with your dog so you can do the same thing. This is essential in helping make a great relationship successful and fun for you and your dog.

Perfectly Trained Pet

Interested in getting your beloved canine trained by our amazing Pet Care Pros?

Whether your dog needs basic skills, advanced training, or is having behavioral issues, we have a program that will fit your schedule and lifestyle. Sign up for your training session today!

"Two Paws UP!"

“I highly recommend Kristine. We have used her services on many occasions to both train, and take care of our dogs. She is dependable, does a great job, and I particularly like that she texts us with up to date information on our dogs. Two paws up!”